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Body-Based Awakening Sessions are available via phone and Skype from wherever you are.

Phone and Skype sessions address all the same issues as hands-on sessions, are still body-centered, and contain all of the same key elements. Here there is more stillness, any movement is verbally guided, and the hands laid on are your own. For a fuller description of Body-Based Awakening Sessions, click here.

You will want to settle in a quiet space where you wont be disturbed, where you can sit and lie down comfortably, as well as move around freely. You’ll need to have reliable cell reception and wear a headset, or have good internet connection and login to Skype.

For Example

“I was experiencing two months of chest tension and rapid heart-beat; I sought extensive medical testing which didn’t provide answers. So, I contacted Jade  for a session via phone (CO to CA). In just two hours on the phone, she guided me through my body to the root of the issue –  the deep fear and sadness that I couldn’t reach alone. I was able to finally express it and see a new way forward. My symptoms went away immediately, and I feel like I’ve come back to life!” ~Sindy P., Stylist and Educator, Denver, CO

“Jade is a skilled, empathic healer. I sought her out for a session via phone to prepare myself for a home birth. I was a week from giving birth and had many fears. Jade guided me to confront the unknown; it was powerfully transformative, and enabled me to connect to my baby who assured me that everything would be okay.  Thank you Jade!” ~ Stefanie R., Psychotherapist, California

Rates and Scheduling

Sliding scale: $75 – $250 per session / 90-minute to 2 1/2-hour sessions, according to organic completion.

To schedule a session or to inquire further: email Jade, or call her at 303.532.6808 (CO cell, but in Mt. Shasta)


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