Integrative Massage & Bodywork: Combining Eastern & Western Therapeutics

TYM neck stretch 3Jade’s Integrative Massage & Bodywork aims at supporting ease in the body, peace in the mind, and love in the heart, and can be both relaxing and nurturing as well as deep and therapeutic. Her unique style draws from her experience in both Thai Yoga Bodywork and Western Massage, and is done on either a futon-mat on the floor, or on a massage table.

In floor sessions, the receiver is softly clothed, to allow for free range-of-movement through tailored assisted stretches, wherein acupressure is also applied with some focus on Thai meridians. In table sessions, the receiver is unclothed, covered with a sheet, and oil is used to allow for therapeutic strokes. In the table sessions, Jade also incorporates stretches, though fewer than in the floor massage. Each comprehensive session is tailored to the individual’s particular needs and issues, which can range from physical to psycho-spiritual and are often intertwined.

(California Massage Certification #: 54367) More about Jade here.

Key Elements of Integrative Massage & Bodywork

TYM back work 2Swedish Strokes for Relaxation – using oil to apply long strokes for soothing, warmth and circulation.

Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and Deep Tissue – using Eastern and Western approaches.

Acupressure and Reflexology– applied along Thai energy lines and specific points (with a reflexology aspect) using fingers, palms, elbows, forearms and/or knees to increase circulation of blood, lymph, and prana (vital energy) and promote relaxation.

Yoga Therapy & Passive and Active, Progressive Stretching – incorporates breath and movement to lengthen muscles, release adhesions, lubricate joints, improve range-of-motion, and balance the nervous system.

Warm herbal compresses – warms the tissues, relaxes tension, prepares the body for the deeper work and soothes it after. Also provides mild aromatherapy.

Body-Mind Inquiry – inviting the body to “speak free” the unconscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs that inhibit healing.

Latihan Energy Work – following the lead of the innate intelligence of prana (the animating principle in all of life), allowing it to guide touch and movement in ways that are generally gentle, slow and organic.

Metta – loving kindness or “good vibes.”

Benefitstym child 2

  • reduce stress and balance the nervous system
  • prevent and address injuries
  • reduce pain
  • lengthen muscles and reduce stiffness
  • bolster immune system
  • enhance respiration, digestion, circulation
  • assist lymphatic flow and detoxification
  • balance flow of energy in the body
  • improve overall vitality and wellness
  • connect to a sense of “Oneness”

Rates and Scheduling

Rates: 90-minute session / $120 ,  2-hour session / $150.

Gift Certificates available!


For location and directions, please call Jade (Colleen) at 303.532.6808 (CO cell, in Mt. Shasta)

Jade does house calls when you supply the table or futon-mat. ($20 travel fee.)

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