Body-Based Awakening

(PLEASE NOTE: Jade also offers Body-Based Awakening sessions via phone and Skype.)

Body-Based Awakening Sessions are a gentle and direct means toward deeper clarity, Peace, self-Love, and living with more Grace.

Sessions combine aspects of simple inquiry, conscious breathing, loving presence, and assisted movement to access deeper levels of understanding. In observing the interplay of thoughts, emotions, and body sensations, as well as the You who simply witnesses, you may gain valuable insights and release long-held tensions and beliefs that have manifested in physical and emotional distress or an unsatisfying life. Many acknowledge that Jade’s compassion and skill enable them to stay present with the murkier, more troubling aspects of being human to extract the Gifts, and love those aspects into Truth and Wholeness.

What conditions or issues can it help?

  • tension, stress, anxiety
  • grief, loss, depression
  • transitions
  • life purpose
  • self-image
  • relationships
  • thought and behavior patterns
  • connection to body
  • prenatal
  • physical ailments
  • spiritual connection
  • and much more….

How does it work?

Your session takes place on a futon mat in a dedicated, private setting. Each session uniquely unfolds based on what’s happening in your mind, your heart, your body and your life. This is client-centered work, so while there is facilitated inquiry and dialogue, there is no analysis or diagnosis. This work invites you deep inside YOURSELF, where the Witnessing Consciousness that you are at your core points the Way through human dilemmas.

Key Elements

  • personal sharing
  • guided breathing
  • assisted movement
  • inquiry and dialogue with the body
  • emotional facilitation
  • guided contemplation
  • integration and application in daily life

The assisted movements/postures are organic and simple, and serve the purpose of bringing you into a  feeling state in your body, where the the thinking mind becomes slow and spacious, to allow Witnessing Consciousness to reveal what is otherwise not readily accessed. This all happens at your chosen pace and depth. Jade guides by following your lead.

This is a process of consciously moving stuck energy that can otherwise lead to drama or breakdown, either in the body or in your life. Energy moving is health and vitality, energy stuck is pain and illness. When the inner voices are heard and shared, the inner pictures are viewed and shared, and the body has been given free expression throughout the process: ENERGY MOVES! And, in that opening, thought patterns shift, new perspectives and behaviors emerge, and your life organically changes….

All sessions end with a guided integration that allows you to relish in the shifts and begin to see how they’re inclined to bloom in your daily life.

Jade supports your process with deep respect and the utmost faith in you. You are in control – and, the answers are within YOU.

Phone and Skype Sessions are also available. While they are not hands-on, they are still body-centered, containing all of the key elements; and the movement, being less, is verbally guided.

Rates and Scheduling

Rates: 90-minute session / $120 ,  2-hour session / $150.

To schedule a session or to inquire further: email Jade, or call her at 303.532.6808 (CO cell, but in Mt. Shasta)


~ MT. SHASTA, CA. ~ Contact Jade for address and directions.

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